UX/UI & Development


Vodafone Egypt is the largest mobile network operator in Egypt in terms of active subscribers covering various voice and data exchange services, as well as 4G, 3G, ADSL and broadband Internet services.

Vodafone Egypt is proudly considered a leader of CSR in Egypt, aiming to connect and develop the community and accelerate Egypt's advancement.


Working with Vodafone Foundation & Vodafone’s CSR department on a creating & implementing a full-fledged digital roadmap that helps them reach their goals over the next 4 years.


360° apps that address the different stakeholders: freelancers, educational arm for students, parents & teachers and boosting employee contribution to the community 

Learning Platform

Aimed to aid parents, teachers and students in their educational journey.

Freelancing Platform

Helps freelancers showcase their work and find job opportunities

Volunteering Platform

Facilitates the process for volunteering for Vodafone employees in charity events.

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