Product Development

Minimum viable product - MVP

Release early - Release often

An MVP is a basic version of your product (the solution) that is capable of “doing a job” for early adopters to establish & refine the product’s value proposition in upcoming stages & releases.

Agile Iterative Releases

We transform ideas into market hits

Phasing continuous product updates, revisions & solutions to newly emerging needs & different user stories on the road to a robust & growing product using agile methodologies and frameworks.

Dedicated Teams

Based on product needs, we assemble a team to become a remote extension of yours. Following SCRUM agile methodology, our process is flexible, fully transparent and results-oriented. Dedicated teams feature Product Manager, Scrum Master, UX/UI designer and software engineers and can be sized up or down according to product needs at any point in time.

Technologies we use

Being the means we use to build amazing products, our choice of technology is based on the product vision and strategy. We're never limited to working with certain technologies over others as long as they serve the product needs.

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