A learning program aiming at leveraging the knowledge of talented young developers who want to build an extraordinary career.

About Sirius

Sirius is the name of the biggest star that you can see from the Earth's sky. We're looking for bright stars searching for means to learn and shine brighter.

Driven by a sense to give back, we are offering this opportunity to help all young Egyptian developers out there who're kicking their career started.

As an added bonus, the program with all its courses will be free of charge.

Fresh grads and seniors are the main focus at the moment, yet, anyone with a passion for coding, problem solving and complex algorithms is welcome to join; you don't have to be good at a certain technology.

The program sessions will be 2-3/week at robusta offices in New Cairo. You will get to work on real project assignments and get the gist of how things work at the company.

The languages we're currently offering:

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